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Here I am!

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Salaams everyone,

Well, I’ve played around with the idea of having a blog for too long, so here it is. I soooo want to have all of the little widgets and doodads that I see on the other blogs but I’m just too new at this thing to understand what the heck to do, so for now I’ll focus on content. If you haven’t been to the “about” page, why not check that out first?

Back? Cool. I really can’t do my first post without giving props to my husband. He’s passed out on the couch after a long weekend of spreading mulch throughout the yard, and last week he ripped out just about all the carpet in our house. Is he a hardworking guy? You betcha. I must say that despite our differences, Allah SWT has really blessed me when it comes to gifting me with such a wonderful life partner. I have put him through so much with my mood swings, crying spells, and fits of rage–all of which, as I look back, make me feel incredibly ashamed. Thank God he understands that he’s living with someone who’s not quite right sometimes, LOL. Hey….I do what I can by seeing my doctor and taking my meds, but there are just some days when Allah SWT’s life tests just overwhelm me. I know that Allah SWT never gives you anything that you can’t handle, but that sure seems hard for me to believe at times.

I have seen some great blogs written by other sisters. I hope that this blog gets some traffic and if it inspires, touches, or makes just one other person laugh, my mission will be accomplished. One of my other hopes is that this blog allows me to get closer to other sisters, particularly convert sisters. That would really be cool.

In my “about” page I mentioned that I like the J.Lo fragrance. Well, in my pursuit of all things girly, I went ahead and bought some roll-ons of some “smells just like the real thing” scents. Sadly enough, the “J. Lo Type” smells like soap and I will probably toss it. However, I also got some delish ones like plumeria, jasmine, gardenia, and mango papaya. I’m not a fan of musky scents, although Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) said that when we get to Jannah we will smell like musk…(please correct me if I am wrong) I’m sure at that point I will probably ADORE musk–although all I’m hoping for is to just make it there in the first place! 🙂

Sometimes I sit and contemplate just what Jennah will be like for the lucky ones who make it there. Nothing can possibly come close to explaining what that will be, which makes me extremely excited. Imagine a world where is no pain, suffering, or sadness, where everyone is happy and reunited with their loved ones, with loving words to Allah SWT constantly on their lips. How wonderful is that?

OK, I’m going out to spread the word that I’m here and would really love some readers. Please share your comments with me–I’d love to hear from you!

  1. Salaam alaikom, sis. Welcome to the world of blogging! Looking forward to reading your posts. =)

  2. Assalam Alaykum wrb sister Noor (masyaAllah, I love your name!),

    I hope this finds you in the best of health and imaan!
    JazakAllah khair for stopping by my blog 🙂 I am looking forward to more of your posts insyaAllah!

    By the way, we all wonder what Jannah is like, but Allah has already promised us the best there…There are already a few ayaahs depicting how Jannah would be like and masyAllah, I can only picture how beautiful it is in my head. So it should motivate us to do more good deeds insyaAllah!! 😀

  3. Salam Alaikkum Noor dear,

    I am so glad that you started your own blog and now I cant wait to read all your beautiful writings.

  4. Assalamu alaikum wr wb

    Masha’Allah. I hope your blogging goes well. Sometimes we all need places we can go to and discuss worldly matters, issues, and things with each other. Hope it goes well for you. The layout looks really nice.

  5. Asalamu Alaikum sister

    Very nice blog so far. I’ll add to what everyone else has said about Jannah…. You will have a mansion with grounds so vast that it will take you 40 years just to explore them, but the time won’t seem to matter at all. You will see a beautiful plant or flower and stop to look at it for 4 years without even realizing it.

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