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The needs and dreams of Gori girls

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2009 at 9:52 pm

Salaams everyone,

What is a Gori, you ask? Well, it’s Desi (South Indian)-speak for “white girl,” which is me to a T.  How many sisters out there are like me–blessed (or cursed LOL) with stick-straight Gori hair that no hiajb can grab on to? Well, I have a very cheap, and fun, solution for you, and an inspirational story for you to ponder as well.

I’m assuming that you wear underscarves already, and if you don’t, you’ll find that your life is a lot easier as a hijabi if you DO wear one. Finally, the darn thing won’t slip off! You can find underscarves at just about any hijab online store, but give my way a try if you like: go to your local thrift store and find some stretchy cotton T-shirts. Get any colors you like–I even have tye-dye–and cut the sleeves off. Pull the sleeve over your head like a tube. VOILA! Instant cheap, trendy underscarf! You can choose to sew the cut edge smooth or just hide the ragged edge under the hijab like I do. This is a great trick for the hijabi on a budget or for summertime when we seem to just “soak through” our underscarves. For just a few bucks we can get a whole bunch of underscarves to add to our collection.

One of these days I’m going to take the time to decorate some of the homemade underscarves I’ve made–maybe with fabric paint, lace, or even a rhinestone or two. There’s just something so lovely about a pretty underscarf peeking out from under a hijab…it really brings the look together.

Yes, ladies, I have a dream. I know that there are a ton of hijab stores out there (at least online), but insha-Allah I hope the world has room for the images I’m creating of hijab, underscarves, and pins. ESPECIALLY pins. In my opinion, there is a serious lack of really nice, sophisiticated hijab pins out there and Allah SWT has blessed me with some great ideas. Who knows, perhaps Allah SWT will bless me with an online store where I can make those dreams reality.

Speaking of dreams fulfilled, I can’t think of a better example of how Allah blesses good intentions than by telling you about Sister Julie of  When Sister Julie converted she lived in a part of the USA that had practically NO amenities for converts like her, much less hiajbs she could be proud to wear. So, she fulfilled the need herself with the blessing of Allah SWT. First she started small by selling a few hijabs on eBay, but mashAllah, the need for quality, beautiful hiajbs skyrocketed and now Sister Julie has THREE online stores and a brick-and-mortar store in Texas!  Believe me, this sister has EVERYTHING….just about every type of scarf (and underscarf) in every color, print, and style you can imagine.  Every time I visit the site, she has another beautiful collection of hijabs.

I don’t own any stock in Sister Julie’s business (LOL), this is just such a great example of how Allah SWT blesses good intentions. From having access to nothing at all Allah SWT not only answered her prayer, but surpassed it by blessing her with a thriving business that helps hijabis all around the world. When I feel depressed about my own future, I think of Sister Julie and how her dream became reality. Alhumdulillah.

What are YOUR dreams? Have you given up making du’a (as I am prone to do) because you have already made du’a one million times and you don’t think your dream is “big” or significant enough for Allah SWT? Sisters, don’t you dare let those dreams go. Allah SWT sees every desire of your heart, and there is nothing too big or too small for Him. Think of your dreams as seeds planted in incredibly fertile soil. Even though you may not see anything under the surface, your du’as are providing the sun, wind, rain and everything your dreams need to grow. You may not see anything going on for a long time. This is when we are tempted to stop making du’a–or worse, succumb to the temptations of the shaytan and just get frustrated and kick the soil everywhere yelling, “Allah (SWT) is not listening to me!” Don’t be fooled. Remember that Allah SWT loves it so much when we call upon him for EVERYTHING, even a shoelace.  So keep praying, praying, praying. Remember, too, that Allah SWT may not fulfill your dream exactly as you expect it to be. That’s OK, because there may be something even better waiting in store. If you keep praying, your frustration will be rewarded with those precious things called sabr (patience), and iman (faith).

If you’re in that angry, frustrated, doubtful place as I have been so many times, please take a moment to remember Sister Julie. If she can fulfill her dreams, so can we…with the blessing of our Beloved Allah Almighty.

Just BELIEVE. It works!

My love to all,


  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Ma sha Allah what a great blog! I’ve really enjoyed it reading and looking forward to more!

  2. Mashallah sis, that IS inspirational! What a great story! I hope inshallah her business continues.

    Gori to me = “fair”. You can interpret that as light-skinned but I like the fact that fair also means beautiful/attractive. So you’re a beautiful girl, not just “white” lol. May Allah SWT bless you x

  3. OOohhh … I’d love to see pictures of your self-made under scarves ~! Over here, it’s really easy to get it and it’s dirt cheap! 🙂

    “Just BELIEVE. It works!” — I love this line! This is practically what I have in my head each time I wake up in the morning. ^^

  4. Dear Noor’
    I enjoyed reading this post. You are talented in writing, I think you are a great writer and as appears, an artist. Thanks for this inspiration, may Allah bless you and answer your prayers

  5. Assalamualaikum

    I agree with Hajar Alwi, I’d love to see pics of the underscarves too 🙂 Love your blog!

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