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Is the curry too spicy tonight? (And why should I care?)

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2009 at 11:18 pm

Hello and salaams to everyone,

First of all, I want to thank everyone that has been taking the time to visit and comment on my blog. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time here. Please remember that the door is always open and that I love to hear from you–it brightens my day in ways that you simply cannot imagine. 🙂

My mood right now is just a wee bit worried….OK, a LOT worried.  I made channa dal (curried chickpeas) tonight and I think that I added too much masala (spice) into the recipe. My hubby is on his way home from work right now and I’m afraid he won’t like it. Maybe that seems like an extremely petty fear, but I love my husband dearly and I want him to be happy with the meals I serve him after his long workday. Let’s hope he’s in the mood for five-alarm dal tonight!

This little culinary error has got me thinking about just how much I do worry, and I how I don’t turn to Allah SWT nearly enough to help me surmount it. My husband’s uncle (we call him “Mamoo”) is one of the calmest, most serene persons I know. He has a job that most would scoff at as “menial” and really doesn’t make much of an impact upon the world from the dunya’s perspective. But Mamoo has a calming personality and piousness that only comes from long hours spent in study and on the prayer rug. He never worries about where his next meal is coming from or whether he’ll be laid off soon or how he’s going to support his sons, both of which live with him. Mamoo not only does the minimum of what a Muslim is expected to do, he surpasses it, and is it really any surprise that Allah SWT has blessed him with a steady provision?

Let’s remember that when we we were born, Allah SWT in His infinite wisdom assigned us our provision, and we can never, ever have that taken away from us. You cannot add to it or subtract from it. Umar Ibin Al Khattab narrated that he heard Allah’s Messenger say, “If you were to trust in Allah SWT genuinely, He would give you provision as He does for the birds which go out hungry in the morning and come back full in the evening.” If Allah SWT can provide for the birds, why should we worry that He won’t provide for us?

When I talk to the people who live their lives for Allah SWT (as opposed to people like me, who are still caught in the quicksand of the dunya), one of the most important “vibes” that resonate from them (ok, pathetic word, but I couldn’t think of another) is their profound sense of peace. They know that their risq is written for them, and they also know that what Allah SWT has decreed for them, they will receive. I wish I had that level of iman.

It’s all about submission and acceptance of the Unseen. There is so much going on in the Unseen, things that we cannot possibly fathom or understand. Even though we can’t see what’s going on ON THE SURFACE at this very moment, we can still choose to trust and have faith in Allah SWT. It is so easy to analyze things to death and let logic take over when one is worried about the outcome of something. Don’t be fooled. Think about what’s going on under the surface instead, and just let your life unfold.

I’m laughing at myself right now because I’m not prone to take my own advice as an incredible worrywart, but I think I’ve learned my lesson. Before I took shahada, I went to every astrologer, palm reader, psychic, and tarot-card carrying charlatan in town (astaghfirallah!) I think it’s important to note that in spite of all the money I spent, and in spite of all the wasted hours I spent in cramped, incense-choked rooms getting my latest dose of snake oil, not one of any of my “psychic predictions” have ever come true. NOT ONE. The worst of these ripoff artists was a “Native American shaman” (and my apologies to any Native Americans who may be reading this) who claimed to be able to “channel” spirits from the hereafter. After impatiently waiting months for an appointment and coughing up way too much money, I was granted an audience with this nut. I had my “experience” and eagerly awaited spiritual enlightenment. The balloon burst like a shower of icy water in my face when I allowed a friend, who had also seen this man, to listen to the tape of my session–and her session was EXACTLY the same as mine! This guy just went through the same old spiel every time he saw someone! Gee, do you think Allah SWT was trying to tell me something?

Yeah, trust is hard, iman is hard, but we’ve gotta find it somewhere, and we’re not going to find it in a deck of tarot cards or in the lines of your palm.  It’s safe for us to let go, release our fear and simply BELIEVE and trust Allah Almighty, the One God with no equals or partners.  We will get so many blessings in return…so many rewards for pleasing Allah SWT. For that, isn’t it worth facing a doubt or two?

By the way, hubby just came home–and he LOVES the dal!

Take care my wonderful sisters,

Noor 🙂

  1. I am glad your husband liked what you made.

    Good post. Islam is not supposed to be easy. Islam is hard and challenging. But it is fun, and it helps us mature spiritually into model humans.

  2. Assalamu alaikum wr wb

    Lol at your husband liking the spicy daal. I was going to suggest if you wanted to water it down with water or tomato sauce to take a bit of the spices out. But, then again spices are good as it cleans out the system too.

    and thanks for posting that.
    May Allah help you through this insha’Allah.
    take care

  3. A friend of mine goes every so often to see a palm reader and all that, and she finds her really accurate in her predictions, and in what she tells you about yourself and your life. It almost makes me want to go, but I know it’s not “real”. Maybe a person who is really good at reading between the lines.

    I’m glad to have found your blog, btw!

  4. It is hard to put our trust and belief. Over the years I’ve cultivated this idea that those are the very things that keeps us moving. One does achieve a sense of assurance, peace and tranquility with it. 🙂 Insha’Allah you’ll get it sis. ^^

  5. Assalamualaikum sister..

    Its a nice surprise that Allah subhanota’la blessed me with the privilege to come upon your blog throgh sister sadiyah’s tagging you..

    MAshAllah you have a wonderful style of writing and expressing your views (sincerely..i ain’t buttering u up.)..It was a wonderful post…

    what religion did u follow before islam??
    take care
    jazkaAllah khair.
    ~Cool Muslimah~

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