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It’s halal, it’s fun, it’s my addiction!

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Assalamu Aleikum everyone,

Arrrrgghh! I don’t know I about you, but I cannot STAND three-quarter length sleeve shirts. I don’t know who started that trend, but I’d like to give him or her a piece of my mind! Then why am I wearing one, right? Well, a few weeks ago at a yard sale I got a huge (and I mean HUGE; this box was about four feet tall!) container, stuffed to bursting–of clothes for only $10 (which amounts to pennies per piece–alhumdulillah and yay for me!) and there were a few 3/4 sleeve knit shirts in the mix. I figured what the heck, I’ll wear them around the house. Well, they’re driving me nuts! The sleeves keep scooching up and I keep pulling them down, only to find them scooching up again and making me feel like I’m wearing something that shrunk. Very frustrating.

The public is going to be surprised to see me this summer wearing all of these blouses with harvest themes and pumpkin appliques on them, which is what I also found in the box. I could put them away for fall, I guess. Perhaps I should. I’m not a very trendy Muslimah, I guess. Truth be told, sisters, I see all of your cool polyvore collages and I envy you for your fashion sense. As for me, I have two criteria:

1. Does it fit? and:

2. Can I get it for $1 or less at a yard sale? 🙂

Yes, that’s right…the yard sales have spoiled me. BAD. Even shelling out $15-20 for a blouse or pants at my local discount store is a huge indulgence for me, as I’m always finding stuff for pennies on the dollar in somebody’s driveway. Yard sales really warp your thinking about what one considers to be a good value and what is not. As much as I love those polyvore ideas, I shudder to think at how much it must cost to assemble an outfit.

Ya know, I was wondering if I should write about the whole yard sale thing again. I know that I already wrote about last Saturday’s “haul” and I thought that you might get sick of it or think that I was boasting about how much cool stuff I got for so cheap. I hope you don’t feel that way….if you do, I apologize.  It’s just that my hubby and I are on a tight budget (who isn’t?) and in the time we’ve been yard saling, it’s amazing what Allah SWT has blessed us with. In fact, I think we say more “alhumdulillahs” and “subhanallahs” on Saturday mornings than any other time of the week, LOL. It’s a little sad, in a way–people buy stuff at full price and end up selling it for practically nothing. We have found so much great stuff that I really wonder why everyone doesn’t shop this way. It involves getting up early in the morning (the good stuff is generally all picked over by 10am, so we hit the road by 7:30am at the latest!) and a skilled use of your GPS (which we also found at a yard sale!) and Mapquest, but it’s so much fun, sisters, it really is. Believe it or not, it’s strengthened our marriage, too. Hubby and I have a blast as we pour steaming travel mugs of chai masala, set up the GPS, make sure we have plenty of $1 bills, and away we go.

Of coure, all of this fun and acquisition of our “treasures” cannot be remotely possible without the generosity of Allah SWT. It’s amazing how He seems to lead us to just the right houses that have exactly what we need. Coincidence? I think not. Allah SWT has been so kind to us. Every time we see or use something that Allah SWT has provided us at a yard sale, it’s another opportunity to praise Him and remember that His bounty is never-ending and unceasing. Alhumdulillah!

OK, this is the second yard sale post in one week and maybe I should stop writing about my “addiction,” LOL.  It’s just that every weekend I am so amazed at what Allah SWT gives to us, and that spills over into the rest of my week. I see more of His abundance Monday through Friday thanks to what I see on Saturday, and it’s not all material stuff, either.  I don’t think there’s any way we Muslimahs can write too much about Allah’s generosity, or thank Him too much for all that He blesses us with, both material and otherwise.

The only little problem I have is that I’d like to make an effort to dress more Islamically, and you can forget about finding abayas, jilbab, or shalwar kameez at a yard sale (although I have found some nice scarves.) InshaAllah, when the time is right, Allah will give me the risq to shop at Shukr and all of those other cool Islamic stores…and who knows, maybe I’ll assemble a few polyvore ensembles of my own! (A sister can dream, can’t she?)

 As always, thanks from the bottom of my heart for reading, and the next time you see a yard sale in your neighborhood, GO FOR IT! 🙂

Much love,


  1. Nooo I love reading about the finds (hey it’s shopping and I loveeee shopping) so dont stop posting on this 😀 pictures would be great too 😀 Confession….I’m one of the oddballs that likes 3/4 sleeve shirts 😛 That said, clothes dont have to be superexpensive to be trendy, and as long as you’re comfy, it’s all good 🙂

  2. I don’t like 3/4 lenght shirts cuz I always think they’re long sleeve when I first see them and then am dissapointed to find their not. I’ve tried wearing those forearm cover thingies and they are soo hot and uncomfortable to me. As for garage sales (term used around here), I personally don’t go to to many cuz its hard to lug the 4 kids in and out of the car. My mom loves to garage sale though and has saved me hundreds if not thousands on kids clothes this way. My kids always look cute too! Much love sis.

  3. It’s so true that garage saleing alters your idea of how much you should pay for something. I wish my husband enjoyed it because i think it would be a lot of fun to do as a couple.

  4. I love 3/4 sleeves! I’m not a hijabi (officially not Muslim either) so maybe that’s why, but I love layered looks so I have it in my mind that I would love to wear sleeves underneath them if I did wear hijab. Never tried though!

    Garage sales are fun! This weekend is a garage sale week here so I can’t wait! It’s one weekend per month here in my city.

  5. You’ve been tagged, visit my blog and copy and answer the questions =)

  6. Assalamualaikum sis! Lucky you!!! We NEVER have yard sales here! 😦 The ones we do have are charity-based ones organized for the public in shopping malls, warehouses etc. Do keep writing about your yard sales experience! At least I’m able to sort of ‘experience’ it from your writings. 🙂

    Plus I’m alright with 3/4 sleeves as I’m a layered kind’ a person. 🙂 I know how expensive clothes can be and to be downright honest, I haven’t shopped in ages for that very reason!

  7. salam 3alakom

    i was added ur blog to my new blog
    hope to visit me:


  8. I really enjoy this blog Noor and just wish I had found it sooner 🙂

    I think you are so lucky, because I live in Austin, and we have a huge population from Mexico. They hit the sales before I’m even up at 7 am. The 3/4 sleeves are good for summer in Texas, and you can certainly always add a jacket. Then they aren’t quite as hot as long sleeves 🙂

    I do hate them though. Reminds me of the annoying American fashion world putting a slit in EVERY long skirt. Argghhh!

  9. I loooved reading this post! Shopping, yard sales, and discounts all in one…fun to read about! No yard sales here in Cairo (and in general not very good shopping) so I’m feeling very deprived right now! I love 3/4 sleeves but I can see why they’d be annoying…maybe you just need to get used to them.

  10. assalamu alaikum wr wb

    these 3/4th sleeves, are the necklines really low, or are they up high?

    If they’re up high, they work really well for underneath long sleeve tops with low necklines.

    You could also cut the sleeves out if they’re giving you hassle.

    I bought these sleeves somewhere, and they work really well for these 3/4th shirts as it’ll go from your elbow to your wrists.
    Just wish they’d make them out of cotton or the same type of material of the top you’re wearing, as the nylon or spandex doesn’t cut it.

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